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All these images were made by Drifter. They are all 1024x786, unless otherwise stated.

Feel free to use these pictures as ur personal desktop backgrounds. I, Drifter, would prefer if you not share them with other ppl or distribute them for money. And ask for the permission first b4 putting it on ur website if u should wish to do so (in ur message add a link to the corresponding website plz). Thanks.

Drifter can be contacted here: drifter AT rise dot za dot net

lonely angel wallpaper sad green wings
Sketched, scanned in and played around with in Adobe PS again.
The flames and green background thing makes me feel sick when i look at it , lol ... weird... why did i make this again? i wunder? :s
lords prayer wallpaper sad green wings
Personal wallpaper i made. Yall go craZy with this one, no copyright.
Created: In Adobe Photoshop 7
magical pink anime fireball wallpaper
mask anime fireball wallpaper
Sometimes life get's to you and at times like that you feel like u cant breathe... and your chest starts to ache with all the pain u keep inside. Well, this pic symbolises hope - when i feel smothered i pray.

Also made in Adobe PS.
mirror lonely girl wallpaper
Sketched, scanned in and played around with in Adobe PS again.
A lonely girl standing in front of the mirror maybe? Someone feeling so alone that maybe all they have is themselves? it's up to you how u perceive it.
musical lonely girl wallpaper
uhm..... just played around and stuff.... couldnt decide on colour scheme, but it came okay methinks. (1280x1024)
orange on red lonely girl wallpaper
Experimenting with channels. Came out wicked methinks.
Created: In Adobe Photoshop 7
PC gurl geek girl computer wallpaper
Uhm yeah ... to those of yall who know me, yall should recognize that this is a bad self-portrait :-P lol
Also made from scratch in PS. Took 2 days in total.
pixie wallpaper pixy
Sketched, scanned and manipulated in PS. The purple things at the sides look kewl methinks.
pride wallpaper pixy
purrfect kitty anime cat girl neko wallpaper
ok... so she might not be perfect... but she be cute and worthy of backgroundiness ;-) hope you likes.
Pyra pyro girl superhero widescreen wallpaper fire
A deadly pyrokenetic-type super hero.
She's a pyro type hero who can also fly. She only has to look at a certain part of you and that part will start to burn, without actually bursting into flames.
She has issues and really likes to glare at people. Her weakness/limitation?... She can't make you burn if her eyes are closed or covered.
Tools: Photoshop + tablet + 3 days
(This is an upgrade of http://juhani.deviantart.com/art/A-Pyro-Super-Hero-108609101)
reflective girl pyro girl superhero widescreen wallpaper fire
relief2 pyro girl superhero widescreen wallpaper fire
just felt like playing around, hehe.
"relief"? don't ask, i don't know. I guess we are all just looking for some relief.
Rogue exposed by Juhani x-men character
My favourite character from X-men, Rogue.
Character Marvel.
Artwork Chrisna aka Juhani aka Drifter.
sad x-men character
This is a really special one.
Made her from scratch in PS as well ... im not too sure about this bkground tho - it seems ... uhm ... bright :s
shadow disciples girls twins wallpaper
"why two?"
i've gotten this question before and the only answer would be: "Just because it looks cool :-p"
I think it's a slightly happy pic, in spite of all the black.
Traxex Drow Ranger spiderweb DOTA hero widescreen wallpaper
My favourite DotA hero: Traxex, Drow Ranger
Tools: Photoshop + tablet
Time: 10 - 12 hours
References used.

Drow Ranger Blizzard
Artwork Chrisna
trinity DOTA hero widescreen wallpaper
trinity ...... ok ok, got it from Matrix 3, lol - awesome movie :-P Yeah funky thingy me made here methinks....... er , size is also 1280x 1024
tunnel of dreams DOTA hero widescreen wallpaper
I was eXperimenting. Drew that flower on me own i did :)
Created: in Adobe Photoshop 7
who cares DOTA hero widescreen wallpaper
Created: in Adobe Photoshop 7 (yes, i finally upgraded).
As most of these picts, with the creation of this one me was a lil depressed. A friend of mine wrote a poem for me ... and these words are taken from it. Thanks V.
why DOTA hero widescreen wallpaper
Was really depressed and just felt like sitting in a ball in a corner ...
In the background is 1 of my poems and a cool song that really captured my heart - when we die, Life (God) will ask us why ... why we made the choices we made.
wingless angel wallpaper sad
Wingless Angel. Long story behind this one. Let's just say i broke up with my bf and then listened to some sad music. And the lyrics in one song had something to do with a wingless angel. I felt like my wings had been ripped from me ...
hence this creation.

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