For best results, "sing" this poem in a childish teasing tune :)

You say that I should work hard
that I should be a slave
You say, no pain, no gain
and I should take the strain
You say there's no other way
but I think you're insane

You can think I'm crazy
and you can tell me so
But I don't really care
'cause you don't really know

I know something you don't know
I know the truth, and you don't have a clue
So you think you're really smart
and you think you know it all
But I know something you don't know

So what if you've got a pretty face
So what if you've got a job
So what if you've got a brand new car
with icing sugar on top
So what if you've got money
and life is always sunny
You think my life is shameful
But I think yours is funny

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