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Most of these images are wallpaper dimensions (1024x768).

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Arm the legs
Ballpoint pen, paper, Photoshop 7

I'm not quite sure what I was thinking either. I probably just wasn't :) The colours turned out pretty funky I think.
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 7

The trees represent people who are chained to their roots (the way they were taught to behave in society). On top of that, they are also tied up in other ways, so as to not stand out too much. The tree on the left has finally realised what is going on and is now struggling to break free and to become a real tree again. Ponder the other details yourself :)
Broken Infinity
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 6

The background and infinity loop was done in photoshop, the hands, flower and thorns I drew on paper and scanned in. The meaning of the pic I'll leave for you to figure out :)
cstrike dust2 counter strike wallpaper
Corel Photo-Paint 10, Photoshop 6, some Counter-Strike screenies

I "painted" the middle part by hand with Photo-Paint's Smeary Oil Pastel while bored in class. The rest was done in Photoshop making use of a few screenies I took.
Dark side yin yan ying yang wallpaper need for speed underground
Photoshop 7

Ying yang type thing with an angel wing and a bat wing. Sort of inspired by the one unique vinyl in NFS Underground.
Gray Symbol yin yan ying yang wallpaper need for speed underground
Ballpoint pen, paper, Photoshop 7

Another random symbol I scribbled in class.
Hope peace dove twig dead death bones skeleton wallpaper
Photoshop 7

I took the idea of the peace dove, and all the skeletons are dead doves that didn't make it to their destinations. The main dove is also dead, but his little twig has taken root and is starting to grow. That's why it's called "Hope".
Interior peace dove twig dead death bones skeleton wallpaper
Photoshop 7

I made the red "loopy thing" some time ago with the smudge tool, and for me it gives the impression of something struggling or angry or something like that. There's a word "hidden" in the picture... now that I've said that, I'm sure you'll find it easily :)
Keyring of life wallpaper metal hourglass hand keys time puzzle noose tie
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 7, Eye Candy 4000

The sands of time are running out into a pool of blood. Your tie is the noose around your neck. The cross is just there for decoration, really. We're behaving like insects. The key to your freedom is on your keyring, but there are so many other items on it that you don't notice. They're all connected. Always read between the lines.
Lone Wish breaking free chains light tunnel wallpaper
Photoshop 7

The pic is about someone who hangs on to this wish of breaking free and getting out of the dark tunnel, even though it may seem impossible and as if nobody understands, and everyone is trying to hold the person back and keep them there.
Reaching out breaking free chains light tunnel wallpaper
Pencil, paper, photo, Corel Photo-Paint 10, Photoshop 6

The hand is reaching for some flowers in a mass of thorns. He/she is looking for some good amongst a world of disappointment, and is determined to find it, despite the pain involved...
Root out avalon emcee lynx roots anarchy city tree highway wallpaper motherboard photomanipulation
A few photos & Photoshop 7

This was originally inspired by Emcee Lynx's song 'Avalon', but kinda took on a life of its own since then. The highway, cars, front hill, city and moon are from photos, and so are all the motherboard components. Everything else I added by hand (mouse).

part of Avalon:
and our roots went down
deep into the wet earth
undermining foundations
reclaiming our home
and our dreams rise up
like vines in the morning
climbing over the cities
tearing down the walls
and so we stand here
flowers in the sun's love
slowly realizing
we’re in Avalon
Shroomvine mushrooms grapes vine crystals wallpaper
Nothing but Photoshop 6

I made this in college during class in my free time when I had nothing better to do (I'm taking a webdesign course, so we work on PC's all the time). Most of it was done freehand with the various painting tools, but I used some layer effects on the grapes and crystals.
sk8 grind aggressive inline skating sketch drawing wallpaper
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 7

I decided to only colour the outlines this time and keep it simple so the pencil texture is more visible.
Society tie noose wallpaper formality is misery
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 6

The tie was drawn on paper, everything else including all colour was added in Photoshop. It was inspired by another pic I drew a few years ago of some guy in a suit & tie where his tie is a noose like this one... "formality is a noose around your neck" :)
Teardrop sad eye crying tears wallpaper
Photoshop 7

I wanted to try painting something from scratch in Photoshop, and this is it. It's a sad eye with a teardrop shooting out of it. I'm still not completely satisfied that the eye actually looks sad... but that's pretty hard to do :(
The Path trees footprints day night moon memories wallpaper
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 7

The trees on the sides represent friendship with people. The footprints in the path stop at the tree to hang up memories of a person, before continuing into the unknown future, getting to know someone new.
Thirst desert oasis water drop sand rare friendship wallpaper
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 6

I drew most of it on paper, added the colour in Photoshop, and added the 'murky water' from a photo I took. The water symbolises something good and rare the person is 'thirsting' for, like true friendship or understanding... There are many imitations and rip-offs of it around, but that one rare drop of the real thing is all that will do...
Tree on cliff lake moon forest sketch drawing wallpaper
Pencil, paper, Photoshop 6

I drew the original on paper a few years ago, and decided to add some colour in Photoshop the other day. Took me about 2 days of on/off work to complete.
Window stratovarius wallpaper fire eyes soul rain storm
Photoshop 7, Eye Candy 4000

I was inspired to make this by the line "Your tears put out the fire from your soul" in one of Stratovarius's songs. Some time later, I was looking out of the window of a moving car at night and saw my own reflection in the window, and thought it looked a lot like a certain picture I was working on, which inspired me to use the reflection idea.

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