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All these images were made by Drifter. They are all 1024x786, unless otherwise stated.

Feel free to use these pictures as ur personal desktop backgrounds. I, Drifter, would prefer if you not share them with other ppl or distribute them for money. And ask for the permission first b4 putting it on ur website if u should wish to do so (in ur message add a link to the corresponding website plz). Thanks.

Drifter can be contacted here: drifter AT rise dot za dot net

AnGel Eyes2 sad angel wallpaper blue eyes halo
Ok, i had help from a friend on this one. I sketched the Angel one day when i was feeling blue(which = most days, hehe). And decided to scan it and see how i can modify it. Yeah, so Des came and took over, lol. Now i'm kinda glad he did, cos it came out pretty good.
angel woods sad angel wallpaper woods forest empty
Meaning behind the empty eyes... well i dont know really ... i guess im leavin that to the you. For me it's about the following: she feels so empty inside it is reflected in her eyes.
Angel sad angel wallpaper wings girl band
The girl is a member of some or other girl band. Found her in a magazine - nice pose again, hehe. And then ull notice i have a thing for angels...so dats why da wings are there :)
"Never give up" : i was at a stage where i just felt that the world was really putting me down, but im the kinda person that will not easily let go of what i believe.
Ani girl dress sad angel wallpaper wings girl band
Yeah, so one of my guy friends actually complained about the amount of cleavage, LoL (go figure) So me decided to do this version for my bro, Marty ;-)
Bad Gurl bad gurl girl dark woman wallpaper
was trying out a new pose again ... i like to experiment. so yah, it came out this way, im not entirely satisfied, but yah, this will do for a first try i guess.
We also have the version where her cape is white, but i guess most artists would identify more with the dark version :-p
blue sunset bad gurl girl dark woman wallpaper
This is a gypsy type girl. Also a new anime character i created... she's got this shy look which i luv. I added peacock feathers for texture and a nice sunset to the back just cos it kinda looks cool, hehe
butterfli bad gurl girl dark woman wallpaper
I tried to mimic this other really cool butterfly background, but this looks nothing like that, which is actually good, otherwise that one's creater might be a lil angry @ me.
Made in Adobe PS, used lots of bevel and emboss and drop shadows.
callitwot red bad gurl girl dark woman wallpaper
Yeah, the whatcha-ma-callit-thingy... i like :)
I just made a "W" with a kinda cross and a upside down smile at da bottom. Then added the chrome filter... purty nifty how cool some things come out.
caught angel elf stuck in grass tree
chibi angel elf stuck in grass tree
Chirsten Christina Aguilera wallpaper pose grace and love
Based on a nice pic of Christina Aguilera i found. i dontl ike her all that much, but was a good pose for a pic. So here the pic is.
Don't ask how i made the background, ill never in my life be able to recreate it! :-( boohoo
Chirstin2 gray Christina Aguilera wallpaper pose grace and love
Gray version of the Chirstin background. Here i experimented with a grid and just some shapes that i aplied bevel&emboss to. Pretty basic. This one's for all the gray freaks out there.
chrome Christina Aguilera wallpaper pose grace and love
i felt like playing around with chrome ... it's a cool filter that i havent used much yet.
cute girl
dark kitty anime cat girl neko bathing suit wallpaper
Same kitty as before... only now she's more human with a bathing suit on. Guess this is one for the guys again :-p
drow ranger wallpaper DOTA hero
Traxex the Drow Ranger.

Fan art of my favourite DOTA hero, the Drow.
Powers: Frost Arrows, Silence, Trueshot Aura and Marksmanship (excellent for farming).
Sketched + Scanned + Photoshop'd
Time: Character colour = 1 day; background = 2hrs.
I liked it so much i made a wallpaper for those interested. Don't steal.
Drow Blizzard.
Enchantress by Drifter DOTA hero wallpaper
Enchantress from DOTA. Sketched, scanned, coloured in Photoshop. Time: approximately 12 hours.
Warcraft Dryad Blizzard
eyes DOTA hero wallpaper
I made this to see if i can make an eye. hey, would ya look at that! i can! hehe
It was also entirely made in Adobe PS. The eye was made based on an idea by a friend(Dark Angel). His idea was to use lens flare - it worked ;-)

"Take me away" = a song by Seether.
fairy fairies faeries drawing wallpaper
Ok actually sketched the fairy in Computer class last year(matric). No wonder i got a D at the end of the year :s.
Anyways, scnned her in and added colour to her in Windows Paint. Yeap- took almost a week. THEN, i discovered Adobe PS6!! Halleluyah! hehe So me couls add the cloudy stuff and border there... yay.
Fake fairies faeries drawing wallpaper
Was listening to a song by Chevelle (my fave band) - "dont fake this". I wanted to make a mean mouth - but yeah, i need more practise :-( lol
flame angel magazine model wings fire wallpaper
This is a girl in a magazine that i sketched, scanned in and added colour to in Adobe PS6. Took a while... but i think it looks nice. I chose her because she had this thoughtful look and it was a new pose to try out.
freaky angels magazine model wings fire wallpaper
yea yea... freaky ...
at least da sick feeling is gone! lol
girlwithswordonlog girl sword log tree wallpaper
greeN2 girl sword log tree wallpaper
well, got the inspiration from the last movie on the Animatrix series. The long neck should show the resemblance.
sketched , scanned and modified in ....? yes you got it! - Adobe! well done!
life2 girl sword log tree wallpaper
hehe... uhm dis one me is too scared to reveal da secret behind da cool shapes... :$
ok, ok. it's the marcos-lucid sky ambience from winamp, lol :)
All i did was the life text. Happy now!? :-p

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